From the age of six until her adolescent years, author Yolanda Hill experienced inappropriate behavior from men she trusted. It fostered feelings of insecurity, guilt, shame, fear, and depression. These experiences escalated into shameful behavior. It took what felt like a lifetime to recover from these negative experiences to tell her story in Pretty Black.

Hill shares her journey to her “pretty black” moment and tells how she discovered the truth, beauty, grace, and strength that was within her from the beginning. She narrates how she connected the dots as a young girl who lost touch with her biological father and experienced the same loss with her stepfather, revealing how this affected her adolescent years both positively and negatively.

Pretty Black serves to help mothers and fathers understand the importance of a healthy bond between a daughter and her daddy. That bond helps a daughter make healthy decisions about her future relationships. Through this story, you’ll discover the God-given strengths within the writer and how God has so beautifully designed her to become His vessel of honor. Know there are detours along the way, but faith and persistence bring her to God’s expected end.

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